Skylar's Love

Offering a Christian based Perinatal Bereavement
Support for Moms, Fathers, Siblings, Extended Family Members, & Friends.

This website is a Christian based support  system and also a remembrance to our baby(s) that we will forever remember and love.



Hi I'm Holly,

On Jan. 16th, 2009, I gave birth to

my sweet baby boy Skylar at 17 weeks

gestation. It was the worst and most

horrible moment of my life. I felt so lost,

alone, crazy, unable to function as a mom to

my other children, and at times wanting to

be with my beloved Skylar. I felt as a mom,

that I needed to take care of Skylar, even

though WAY back in my mind I knew he was

dead, and there was no way I could take care

of him as a mom should take care of their

baby. I'm slowly, and I do mean slowly

getting over feeling so sad that I will never

get the chance to hold Skylar again, take

care of him, or watch him grow up. I will

never forget Skylar, or the loss that I will

forever hold in my heart.  Through all the

heartache I wanted to make sure Skylar

didn't die in vain.  I put my emotions into

something positive, I developed Skylar's

Love, and then branched out to become a

support counselor with Share.  


The mission of Share Pregnancy and Infant

Loss Support, Inc. is to serve those whose

lives are touched by the tragic death of a

baby through early pregnancy loss,

stillbirth, or in the first few months of life.


The purpose of making this website is to

reach out to other parents. For a

place a dad, mom, or anyone who needs

emotional support.  As a former Social

Worker, Lactation Consultant, and Doula, I

know how important it is to reach out to

Moms, Fathers, Siblings, Extended Family

Members, and Friends, and especially

someone in need of an extra support system

and emotional support system.  For my own

emotional support and support system. 

is helpful for me to be a support person

 for anyone who needs to talk, to answer

questions, or a shoulder to cry on.